Trinity Blair

Your all-natural veteran housewife next door! 🏡

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tip you?

I prefer all tips through CashApp so I can keep every penny!

Do you have a wishlist?

I do! You can choose from a number of different items on my Throne to surprise me and make my day.

What platforms/social medias are you on?

All the platforms I sell on and social media accounts I have are linked on my AllMyLinks, if a platform or account is not listed there, it is NOT me.

What kind of videos do you have?

Head over to my Video Glossary to see a list of my favorite videos of various genres for your enjoyment!

Do you take customs?

Sadly, no. I used to take customs on Fansly but since there is no custom request form feature built in it’s just too much of a hassle for me to keep track of.

Can I buy your worn underwear?

Yes! Click here for the pinned post on Fansly that includes my stock! Contact me via email to discuss details for your order that cannot be done on Fansly as it puts both of our accounts at risk.

Can I buy your stickers without also buying your underwear?

Yes! Just send me a tip on Fansly of $5 and indicate which sticker you want (Full-Body, Polaroid, or iPhone) and include your shipping information (Name and Address)! Since I can ship them in an envelope, I can ship international using a Global Forever Stamp.

Can I buy your polaroids without also buying your underwear?

No. They are meant to be unique items of me wearing the garment you bought.

Do you add back on Snapchat?

I only add back those who have subscribed to my VIP tier on Fansly! I also unadd after your subscription expires and will only add you back after you re-subscribe to my VIP tier.

I was blocked by you on social media, can I get unblocked?

I block all accounts that do not have their age listed in their bio on all social media platforms. Update your bio to ensure your age is listed, then contact me! Twitter allows you to display your birth year without adding it to your bio within your privacy settings! Make sure your birth year, at minimum, is set to public. Instagram, Mastodon, and Tiktok, however, do not have this feature so it must be in your bio somewhere!

Can I meet you?